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Critical Praise

"It's so refreshing to hear people giving glory to God, even through trials and adversity. I'm sure it's not the story either of them would have written for themselves, but it's a beautiful story --- and one I'd definitely recommend for anyone to read!"
Heidi Strawser ("Heidi's Ramblings, Reflections & Reviews")

"Their story is so powerful you will change how you think about life and how you go about your daily living."
Jeff Carter ("Points and Figures")

"This is an inspiring story for any who have gone through a season of personal loss."
     --- Elaine Raxon, CBA Retailers & Resources

"THE COLOR OF RAIN is not only an instant bestseller, but also an instant classic, certain to be pressed into the hands of hundreds of thousands of grieving men and women by their closest friends. It is simply a profoundly moving guidebook to the Valley of the Shadow."
Hugh Hewitt, Host of "The Hugh Hewitt Radio Show"

"Michael and Gina personify the beauty that God can bring out of the ashes of sorrow."
Kathie Lee Gifford, Actress, Singer, Songwriter and co-host of the "Today Show's Fourth Hour"