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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Summer of Promise: Westward Winds, Book 1

1. Abigail’s first impression of Wyoming is far from favorable, but once she’s lived there for a while, she changes her opinion. Have you found that first impressions are not always reliable? Why do you think that’s true?

2. Abigail is attracted to two very different men: Ethan and Woodrow. What do you think is each man’s primary appeal? Which would you have chosen if you were in Abigail’s position? Why?

3. Both Ethan and Charlotte disapprove of Leah at first, but Abigail does not. Why do you think her reaction is different?

4. Charlotte accuses Abigail of trying to solve every problem. If you agree with Charlotte, what do you think is the reason for what some might consider meddling?

5. If you have siblings, how does (or doesn’t) Abigail’s relationship with her sister mirror that within your family?

6. How do you think the story would be different if Abigail hadn’t rescued Puddles?

7. Dreams play an important role in the story, providing characters with clues to their past and revealing their deepest thoughts. How have dreams played a role in your life?

8. Ethan’s view of life is colored by his grandfather’s lessons. How do you think his life would have differed if his parents had lived long enough to raise him?

9. Do you agree with Ethan’s decision not to return to New York when his grandfather was ill? Why or why not?

10. Why do you think Charlotte is afraid to confront Jeffrey with her fears? Would you have been as reticent? Why or why not?

11. Were you surprised by the identity of what Frances and the baron call “the man at the fort”? Why or why not?

Summer of Promise: Westward Winds, Book 1
by Amanda Cabot