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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Someone We Know

1. Olivia is mortified by her son, Raleigh, breaking into neighbors’ houses. Do you think the apology letters were a bad or good idea? To what degree should parents feel accountable, or be held accountable, for the actions of their children? Discuss.

2. Both Glenda and Olivia want to protect their sons from the consequences of their actions. Do you see a theme here? Should parents step in or step back? Why?

3. Do you think the relationship between Olivia and Glenda is one of true friendship or something more layered? Can you be a true friend to someone who is hiding a big secret?

4. Suspicion and betrayal are a constant thread in SOMEONE WE KNOW. Is anyone in the book true to anyone else?

5. Olivia, Glenda, Raleigh, Becky, Carmine, Paul, Keith and Larry are just some of the characters in the novel. Which character did you connect with the most? Whom did you sympathize with?

6. Psychological thrillers like to toy with characters’ and readers’ perceptions. Where did your sympathies lie as the story unfolded? How did they shift as the story progressed?

7. Thrillers love to ask the question How well do we ever really know anybody? Do you think people in real life harbor as many secrets as they do in fiction? How far do you think fiction strays from real life? Do you think truth is actually stranger than fiction? Discuss.

Someone We Know
by Shari Lapena