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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Slow Moon Rising: A Cedar Key Novel

1. SLOW MOON RISING is a story of family dynamics and secrets. Beginning with Anise (the newcomer), what do you think drew her to Ross Claybourne?

2. Do you think Heather was justified in the way she felt about Anise? In the way she treated her?

3. In spite of difficult beginnings, Anise kept the Spirit of Christ in her. How difficult is this to do in the face of such opposition? Have you ever experienced such a time?

4. The oldest Claybourne daughter, Kimberly, is willing to give her husband a second chance after his affair. He is not interested, however. Life, on the other hand, gives Kim a second chance through Steven (their story is told in CHASING SUNSETS, Revell 2011). How do you feel about divorce and remarriage within the church? Do you think Kimberly and Steven were “clear" to date? When has life given you such a second chance?

5. Why do you think Jayme-Leigh wanted to keep her family in the dark about her medical condition? Was Ross right to keep the secret from the rest of the family?

6. Heather has control issues. When she loses it, she goes on a spending binge that she eventually has to deal with. In many ways, this was the best thing that could have happened to her. Why?

7. Taking into consideration Ami's age, had you been Ami and had witnessed the confession of Joan and overheard the conversation between Ross and Eliana, could you have confronted Ross?

8. Ami's story is a good example of what happens when we refuse to confront and choose to ignore. How might her life have been different if she'd chosen otherwise?

9. Had Ross not become ill, do you think the truth about his relationship to Rosa would have been revealed?

10. How do you feel about Anise's decision to call her father at the end of the book?

Slow Moon Rising: A Cedar Key Novel
by Eva Marie Everson