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Critical Praise

"Here's an honest, intensely-introspective, and compelling memoir . . . Packinghouse Daughter is beautifully written-Cheri Register's prose turns grit into diamonds."

——Jim Hightower

"With Packinghouse Daughter, Cheri Register refracts her private experience through the lens of public history and the result is a warm and richly textured memoir."

——Debra Ginsberg, author of Waiting

"This is must reading, especially for the young who have so long been short-changed in the knowledge of labor history."

——Studs Terkel

"Packinghouse Daughter is a beautifully written piece of working class history . . . . It is poetic, personal, honest, juicy, angry. I can't remember reading a more eloquent rendition of a little-known labor struggle, or one so full of fascinating characters."

——Howard Zinn