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Critical Praise

"It is the first book in a very long time to make me cry."

—Megan Lea

"Hannah's poignant descriptions of love and loss stayed with me for a long time."

—Eloise Wood

"I couldn't put this book down from start to finish! A thoroughly compelling story about the power and perils of love."

—Joanna Vallance

"This book was hugely moving... a really clever and well written novel about how a friendship, a first love and a close knitted family become torn apart by a tragic accident... I couldn't put it down!"

—Kate Bullows

"This book came into my inbox as a manuscript late on a Friday afternoon. I started reading it on the bus home, and finally put it down on Saturday evening. It stole most of my weekend, but it was worth it! I absolutely love this book."

—Thalia Suzuma

"I hardly slept when I was reading this deeply involving novel. Every different shade and degree of love between freinds, between mother and child, brother and sister, and between lovers is sensitively explored."

—Eli Dryden

"I haven't cried so much reading a book in years! I stayed up reading it until two in the morning because there was no way I could stop part-way through."

—Naomi Berwin

"Kristin Hannah fleshes out characters so skillfully that they become real to the reader, it's a wonderful sort of alchemy that compels you to care deeply about their lives and what will become of them."

—Chloe Healy

"I knew this book was very special the minute I started reading it,and it did not disappoint. Haunting, heartbreaking and completely unforgettable, it's a story which will resonate with women of all ages everywhere."

—Trisha Jackson

"I was riveted from the very first page. What Kristin has achieved so brilliantly in this novel is that you really care about each of her characters and whilst you might not always agree with their reactions, she has created them with such depth that you can entirely relate to their experiences and judgements."

—Michelle Kirk

"It was a two-tissue box book. This book will stay with me for a long time."

—Karen from Luling, LA

"You know you got your hands on a great book when you can't stop thinking about the characters long after you've set it down... and then again when you wake up the next morning. Kristin Hannah writes in such a way that you almost feel like you're reading letters from a friend. Having grown up in the Greater Seattle area most of my life, I was so comforted and excited to see such accurate descriptions of favorite places back home. After moving away from Seattle four years ago this story brought me right back to home."

—Kim from Nashville, Tennessee

"The last quarter of the book “the ever after” part was messy, tragic and intense but I loved the pace of the unfolding events, without hurrying me along to the end. I kept thinking “this is the end” and then wonderfully, there'd be more. I'd like to see a movie made of it."

—Gloria from Collingdale, PA

"Wow! I think Kristin Hannah just wrote her best ever book. Hannah writes wonderful stories that leave us begging for more but Night Road is such a compelling story that you are drawn in on the first page and don't want any interruptions until you have finished the whole book. This was such a great story. As a mother, I saw myself in Jude and laughed at the extremes that she would go to in being a helicopter mom. Her children were her life. When your family falls apart all around you, it takes a lot of work to get it back on track."

——, Reviewed by Julie Moderson

EARLY READER REVIEWS "I just finished Night Road and I am typing through my tears. I absolutely LOVED this book and I think it is Kristin Hannah's best novel yet."

—Stacie from Van Horne, IA

"It is an extraordinarily written, tragic and timely tale...I applaud Ms. Hannah for sharing her experience, even though I am sure it was as heartbreaking for her to relive the events that inspired Night Road as it will be for her fans to read."

—Carla from Hamburg, NY

"Hannah is superb at delving into the characters' psyches and delineating nuances of feeling."

——The Washington Post

"Kristin Hannah is back in top form with Night will hook Hannah fans from start to suspenseful finish"

——The Seattle Times

"Kristin Hannah lets loose here, daring her readers to keep the tears at bay."

——Newark Star-Ledger

"...movingly written and plotted with the heartless skill of a Greek tragedy, you'll keep turning the pages until the last racking sob."

——The Daily Mail

"A rich, multilayered reading experience, and an easy recommendation for book clubs."

——Library Journal (starred review)

"Hannah masterfully details the unraveling of a family."

——People Magazine

"Night Road is one special book that can transform the lives of readers by influencing how they think about certain important life issues. The reader becomes a first-hand witness to the pitfalls of parenthood, mortality, heartbreak, guilt, life choices, grief, forgiveness, and much more. In short, the entire range of human emotions are explored in this...hopeful book about the triumphant power of the human spirit in the process of forgiveness."

——New York Journal of Books