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Critical Praise

"Jarring, full of riveting grit . . . This book is already unforgettable."Susannah Meadows, Newsweek"Valuable and illuminating . . . We have Barbara Ehrenreich to thank for bringing us the news of America's working poor so clearly and directly, and conveying with it a deep moral outrage. . . . She is our premier reporter of the underside of capitalism."Dorothy Gallagher, The New York Times Book Review"impassioned, fascinating, profoundly significant, and wildly entertaining . . . I kept grabbing family members and phoning friends to read passages aloud."Francine Pose, O: The Oprah Magazine". . . you will read this explosive little book cover to cover and pass it on to all your friends and relatives."Diana Henriques, The New York Times [Business Section]"Angry, amusing . . . An in-your-face expose."Anne Colamosca, Business Week"With grace and wit, Ehrenreich discovers . . . the irony of being nickel and dimed during unprecedented prosperity."Eileen Boris, The Boston Globe"Ehrenreich is a superb and relaxed stylist [with] a tremendous sense of rueful humor."Stephen Metcalf, Los Angeles Times Book Review"Reading Ehrenreich is good for the soul."Molly Ivins"Ehrenreich is passionate, public, hotly lucid, and politically engaged."Chicago Tribune"Ehrenreich's scorn withers, her humor stings, and her radical light shines on."The Boston Globe"Barbara Ehrenreich is smart, provocative, funny, and sane in a world that needs more of all four."Diane Sawyer