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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Never Have I Ever

1. NEVER HAVE I EVER is told through Amy’s eyes, but she doesn’t always tell the reader all the facts. Would you consider Amy an unreliable narrator? How do you think the story might have differed from another perspective, particularly Roux’s?

2. Amy describes diving as a solace because it reminds her how large the world is. Why is this idea a comfort to Amy? Do you have anything that offers you peace in the same way?

3. No one is all bad or all good. Should a person be defined by their worst actions or their best? Can anything eventually be forgiven?

4. Roux is an elusive character who Amy has many theories about as the story progresses. Who did you think Roux was? How did your theories change as you read?

5. Amy has a tendency to mother everyone around her: her child and step-child, her friend Char, Luca, and even her husband to some extent. Jackson has been quoted as saying that the most dangerous animal is “a mother anything.” How does Amy’s motherhood influence her moral choices and the risks she is willing to take?

6. Tig says, “You know what’s weird? It’s easier to forgive you than myself.” Why do you think this is? Do you think we tend to blame ourselves more or less than we deserve?

7. Do you think it is possible to fully escape the past, or do our histories define us? Do you think it’s ever possible to start over?

8. How did your impression of Amy and Charlotte’s friendship change over the course of the book? Do you think Amy’s methods of protecting Charlotte are right?

9. What are the differences in Amy’s relationship with Davis versus Tig? Who do you think is her better match? Do you think, if the accident hadn’t occurred, Amy’s relationship with Tig might have gone differently?

10. What do you make of Roux’s relationship with Luca? How do their lies throughout NEVER HAVE I EVER inform what you know about them now? Do you think the action Amy took was justifiable?

11. NEVER HAVE I EVER explores the idea of choosing the kind of person we want to be in life. Do you think Amy is a good person? How about Roux?

12. Following that, in what ways are Amy and Roux similar? Different? What do they begrudgingly respect about one another?

Never Have I Ever
by Joshilyn Jackson