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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Jump Cut: An Ellie Foreman Mystery

1. How did you like JUMP CUT? Was this the first Ellie Foreman novel you’ve read? Is so, do you want to read the earlier ones? Why?

2. Besides Ellie, who was your favorite character? Why?

3. Did you learn anything new in this novel? What?

4. Did you know about the Uyghurs before reading JUMP CUT? If so, what did you know?

5. The book points out that some of the Uyghurs (who are Muslims) did launch attacks against the Chinese government. But they claim they simply want autonomy and the end of persecution. The Chinese government labels them terrorists. Who do you believe?

6. If you were part of the government in China how would you deal with the Uyghurs?

7. You already know the US government (NSA) has the capability to eavesdrop on every phone call you make, every email you send or get, and every website you visit. How do you feel about this?

8. If this surveillance by the government does indeed identify potential terrorists or groups who want to do this country harm, is it justified?

9. What is the right balance between protecting our country vs. the erosion of our civil liberties? Where do you draw the line?

10. Edward Snowden is considered a hero by some, a traitor by others. What do you think?

11. The government has stepped up drone attacks on ISIS and other terrorists in the Middle East. Do you think those attacks have helped or harmed the fight against terror? Why?

12. Would you condone the tactics used by Delcroft’s Security Chief in regard to Rachel, Ellie’s daughter? Was there a legitimate reason to pressure Ellie by xxx her family? What if the shoe was on the other foot, and the only way to ferret out information from an enemy was to xxx his family members? Is that justified?

13. What was your opinion of Charlotte Hollander? Did she surprise you?

14. Did JUMP CUT make you feel differently about espionage in the “post-Snowden” era? How?

15. How did the events in Jump Cut affect Ellie’s relationship with Luke? Where do you see it going?

Jump Cut: An Ellie Foreman Mystery
by Libby Fischer Hellmann

  • Publication Date: March 1, 2016
  • Genres: Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
  • Paperback: 286 pages
  • Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
  • ISBN-10: 1464205191
  • ISBN-13: 9781464205194