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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

How Far She's Come

1. The opportunity at INN has “too good to be true” written all over it. If you were Cheyenne, would you have been able to turn it down? Or would you have placed different conditions that might have altered the outcome?

2. What do you think about INN’s mission? Was it worthwhile, and was anyone (including Edwin, Beth, and Cheyenne) sincere in its pursuit?

3. Elyse’s diary is set in 1991; Cheyenne’s story is present day. What parallels do you see? For example, now the term “rape culture” is in wide use; did rape culture exist in 1991, by another name?

4. Would you have reported the Until story, despite being in a relationship with Chase? Was this a turning point for Cheyenne, the moment she became ruthless, just as Graham said she would?

5. Was Edwin Gordon sexually harassing Cheyenne? Do you see him as similar to Roger Ailes or Harvey Weinstein? Because Cheyenne is attracted to Edwin, does that mean he’s not abusing his position of power?

6. Is female ambition stigmatized in a way that male ambition isn’t?

7. Do you have knowledge or personal experience with cyberbullying/cyberstalking, or with any form of real-life harassment or abuse? Were there any times when the book hit close to home?

8. There are a lot of layers of seduction and manipulation, right from the first meeting between Cheyenne and Edwin, with questions of who’s really being used. When Cheyenne turns the tables, her sexuality is a main strategy. Are these means justified by the ends?

9. In the novel, there are multiple times when either Cheyenne or Elyse wonder about the trade-off of anonymity for safety, that making their lives less public might mean they’ll be protected. Victims are often given the advice by police of getting off-line or staying home. Is that a fair bargain? And is it true safety?

10. In what ways are Cheyenne and Elyse shaped by their scars, for better and for worse? Do you believe the adage “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”?

How Far She's Come
by Holly Brown