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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Honey and Spice

Warning: These questions contain spoilers for the book!

1. In what ways does Brown Sugar impact the Blackwell community? Why do you think so many students follow Kiki’s guidance? Would you tune in every week?

2. Did any of Kiki’s advice on relationships and friendships stand out to you? If you could submit a question to Kiki, what would it be?

3. Why is Kiki seeing Zack in the beginning of the novel if she doesn’t like him? How have her past romantic encounters shaped her approach to relationships?

4. Dr. Miller says media is about “interacting with the people you’re communicating with.” Is Kiki’s radio show a way for her to engage with her listeners, or a shield against opening herself up to their responses?

5. How do Kiki and Malakai use their respective forms of art to connect with each other?

6. Kiki declares that romance in today’s world is about “a thirst to claim --- a triumph of acquisition, rather than a triumph of winning affection.” How has modern dating affected the way we get to know one another, and what we think we owe our partners?

7. Think about the social media platforms at Whitewell University. How have chatrooms and apps changed the way we communicate and treat each other?

8. What draws Kiki and Malakai to each other? How do they challenge each other and help each other grow?

9. What do you think the turning point is for Kiki that she is able to open herself up to more female friendships? How does building a community of trusted girlfriends affect other aspects of her life?

10. What moment between Malakai and Kiki do you think changed the course of their fake relationship to something more?

11. What do you think is next for Malakai and Kiki?

Honey and Spice
by Bolu Babalola