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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

His Frozen Fingertips

1. How would you describe the contrast between Asa’s life in Brandenbury and his time travelling? In which situation do you think that he is happiest? What does this say about his character?

2. In what way is the plot a typical quest narrative? In what way does it diverge from this?

3. How does Averett fit the stereotype of the typical hero? Is his influence positive or negative on Asa?

4. Is Kean a fundamentally evil character? If not, then why does Asa dislike him so much?

5. Do you think that the story is best told in chronological order? If not, why not?

6. How does Asa’s childhood affect his development? How does this contrast with Averett?

7. How do you think the theme of magic is addressed in the book? 

8. Do you think that the plot is driven by the characters, or the characters by the plot? What effect does this have on the pace of the storyline?

9. What themes does the author explore that are not typically explored in the fantasy genre?

10. Discuss the outcome of the quest. Would you say that the outcome was worth the sacrifice it took the protagonists?

His Frozen Fingertips
by Charlotte Bowyer