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Going to See the Elephant

About the Book

Going to See the Elephant

Meet Slater Brown. Twenty-five years old, he has arrived in San Francisco with a dream: to write a great novel. But where to begin?

Low on money and even lower on prospects, Slater manages to land a job at a third rate newspaper, The Morning Trumpet. Before long --- after being given a strange gift from a mystical seer that has netted him an exclusive on every story in the city --- this young man is suddenly the toast of the town.

With his newfound knack for finding scoops, Slater is on top of the world. He’s famous, he’s fallen in love, and he’s about to singlehandedly take down a corrupt city administration. But things are never quite what they seem, and as storm clouds gather literally overhead, Slater crosses paths with a self-obsessed inventor named Milo Magnet --- changing both of their lives forever.

Going to See the Elephant
by Rodes Fishburne

  • Publication Date: December 30, 2008
  • Hardcover: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Delacorte Press
  • ISBN-10: 038534239X
  • ISBN-13: 9780385342391