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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Ghost Eaters

1. At the beginning of the book, readers are introduced to college friends Silas, Erin, Amara and Tobias in a cemetery. What were your first impressions of the group? And how does it foreshadow future events?

2. After losing Silas to an overdose, Erin is dealing with both guilt and grief. Which emotion do you think drives her to take a drug like Ghost?

3. The pill-popping séance that Erin, Amara and Tobias have occurs in an unfinished and abandoned housing development. Why do you think the author chose this setting?

4. Erin experiences unfathomable side effects under the influence of ghost. Which side effect stuck with you the most? And why do you think she kept going back for more?

5. Would you take a pill like Ghost for the opportunity to be reunited with a loved one?

6. The aftermath of addiction is horrifying. Did you find how addiction is depicted in this book relatable?

7. How do you think the use of the supernatural captured the real-life horrors of addiction and America’s sordid history?

8. What do you imagine happens to Erin after the book ends?

Ghost Eaters
by Clay McLeod Chapman