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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Far Gone

1. The story’s heroine, Andrea Finch, finds herself torn between her love for her brother and her duty as a police officer. Do you think Andrea made the right choice? If a family member close to you was suspected of a serious crime, would you help investigators?

2. The story shows a conflict between the government and its citizens, with Jon representing the “feds” and Andrea representing small-town America. Which side do you find more compelling?

3. Andrea’s brother, Gavin, tells her “civil liberties are going away in this country.” He talks about increasing government surveillance, the militarization of police. Do you think Gavin is paranoid or do you think his concerns are well-founded?

4. At a pivotal moment in the story, Andrea believes Jon betrays her trust. Do you think he deserves forgiveness?

Far Gone
by Laura Griffin