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Critical Praise

“McGovern…builds wrenching drama from her rich premise… a genuine page-turner, and McGovern springs numerous plot-worthy surprises… The narrative moves like a freight train, and its conclusion will leave no reader unmoved. The unforgettable Adam is both a charmer and, in his distinctively quiet way, a hero… a successful combination of compassionate domestic realism and pulse-rattling suspense.”

——Kirkus Reviews

“Twin mysteries lie at the heart of this riveting and unforgettable novel: the identity and motives of a child-killer, and the inscrutable workings of an autistic boy’s mind.  Only a writer like McGovern, whose brilliant gift for storytelling keeps pace with her unflinching emotional acuity, could take on both mysteries and succeed with such power and grace.”

——Julie Orringer, author of How To Breathe Underwater

“A fascinating thriller...wise and moving, as well as gripping.”

——The London Sunday Times