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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Everyone Is Watching

1. The contestants will seemingly do just about anything for $10,000,000. Which of the challenges would you be willing to try? Where would you draw the line?

2. Even when it’s clear that “One Lucky Winner” is a dangerous, twisted game, the viewing audience can’t get enough. Why are people so intrigued, even obsessed, with reality television?

3. Each of the characters in the book has done things that they aren’t proud of. Do you think we are all defined by our past transgressions? Do we always carry our mistakes with us, or is it possible to move on from them?

4. How has EVERYONE IS WATCHING affected your understanding of what constitutes a villain and a hero? Who are the heroes, and who are the villains in the novel? Are there any victims?

5. About the contestants, Cat says, “A few clicks and the world will know exactly the truly awful people that you are. Finally, you are all going to get what you deserve.” Do you think each of the contestants got what they deserved? Why or why not?

6. Which contestant were you rooting for? And as you got to know each of the characters and learned more about their backstories, did your opinions of them change? Why?

7. Once the dust settles, do you think any of the surviving contestants will keep in touch? Why or why not?

8. Fern decides to pursue a second season of “One Lucky Winner.” After all that she experienced, why do you think she chose to do this?

9. The contestants in the novel are known by The Confidante, The Best Friend, The Executive, The Boyfriend and The Senator. Go around your book club and tell the group what your moniker would be and why.

10. Have you ever wanted to be on a reality show? Which one?

Everyone Is Watching
by Heather Gudenkauf