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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Daughter of Mine

1. Can you imagine a situation in which you inherit or own your childhood home? Would you want to live there? How does this potential scenario make you feel?

2. What words and characteristics would you use to describe the town of Mirror Lake? Have you visited communities like the one described in the novel?

3. Consider Hazel’s relationship with her mother before and after she disappeared. How does Hazel feel towards her? How does her relationship with her mother’s memory shift throughout the novel, and at which points in the story do you notice those shifts taking place?

4. Realizing that most of the town knows about her father’s will, Hazel thinks to herself, “Everything mattered disproportionally in a small town. Your success, but also your failure. Everyone knows might as well have been our town motto.” Have you experienced environments like Hazel is describing? What are the benefits of a close-knit community, and what are some of the drawbacks?

5. What do you think about Hazel, Gage and Nico’s first secret they shared together as teenagers? Does it remind you of any secrets you shared with others as adolescents? Would you act differently if you found yourself in the same situation at a different age?

6. Discuss Hazel and Nico’s relationship. What pulls the two of them together, and what seems to push them apart? Does their relationship remind you of any you’ve seen or experienced in your own life?

7. “All these mothers in Mirror Lake, never making it out of town.” How would you describe the mothers in DAUGHTER OF MINE? Do they share similarities with one another? How do they compare with the fathers described in the novel?

8. What do you think Perry Holt’s true motivation was for leaving Hazel the house? Was it an innocent gesture, or was he using it to send Hazel a message? What do you think he hoped would happen?

9. Consider the different descriptions of family or familial relationships in the novel. How do you define family? Do you have people in your life you consider family, despite not being related by blood? Discuss the positive impact or challenges that these kinds of relationships might have on someone.

10. How do cameras and photographs play a role in this story? Think of the moments when characters are looking at photographs. If a picture says a thousand words, what story is being told through those photos? How did the story change as more photos came to light?

11. After Jamie’s disappearance, Hazel questions her own concerns and discomfort in the house and wonders if it’s just paranoia. Do you always trust your gut? What details would raise alarm bells for you in a similar situation?

12. The seemingly innocent dares carried out by local teenagers become anything but harmless. What do you think of their game? Do you think you would have ever been tempted to participate in something similar? Share an experience where you played a prank or were on the receiving end of one. How did it make you feel?

13. Hazel grew up believing that her father “had been the only one who had chosen [her]” because of “a deep and powerful love.” How does Hazel feel when this belief is called into question? How would you feel if you suddenly saw a core understanding of your life in a different light?

14. Consider the effect the secrets in Mirror Lake have on its inhabitants. What do you think would have happened if certain characters had been honest about what they were hiding? Think about the secrets held by the women in this novel, and the secrets held by men. Do you notice similarities or differences when considering through a gendered lens?

15. Late in the novel, as Serena indicates she’s pausing her investigations, Hazel thinks to herself: “There was no one here I could trust. Who would choose the truth over our fathers and brothers and friends.” What do you believe family owes one another? Is Hazel’s realization about trusting others in Mirror Lake accurate?

16. How do the changing climate and weather affect the circumstances in the novel? Why do you think Megan Miranda chose to use environmental changes to build this mystery


Enhance Your Book Club

1. Research whether droughts or climate change have had an impact on your part of the world. What steps can you take on a daily or weekly level to contribute to fighting climate change? Are there ways to help your community learn more about climate change, or participate together on a larger scale?

2. How well do you know each other’s handwriting? Have everyone write the same sentence on pieces of paper, then pull them out of a hat and guess whose handwriting is whose. Try tracing over some examples. Can others tell which is the original and which was the copycat?

3. Document your next gathering with a disposable camera and research where you can have the photos developed. Try to guess when and where everyone last used a disposable camera and discuss its benefits or drawbacks. Share the developed photos and create a scrapbook, collage or frame your favorites!

Daughter of Mine
by Megan Miranda