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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

City of Jasmine

1. Evangeline Starke is a dynamic young woman with all of the energy and spirit of the 1920s. How does she embody those qualities?

2. How do Gabriel’s experiences as the Saqr change his views on British involvement in Syrian affairs?

3. Gabriel and the Lost Boys of the Vespiary did dangerous work during the war. What challenges might they face in adapting to life after the fighting stops?

4. Damascus is a city at the crossroads of history. How does the political climate of Damascus in 1920 influence the characters?

5. Honor and duty play a strong role in the book. How do the characters view their own responsibilities? How far will they go to satisfy honor?

6. Evie and Gabriel are reunited after life-changing events. How have the years in between affected the dynamic of their relationship?

7. How does the Badiyat ash-Sham, the great Syrian desert, function as a character in the story? What does their time in the desert reveal about Gabriel and Evie?

8. What is Evie and Gabriel’s potential for a happy ending?

City of Jasmine
by Deanna Raybourn