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Critical Praise

"Rich in themes, symbolism, conflict and character…. It's also, for those who just want a good tale, a brilliant piece of storytelling that combines magical realism in the tradition of writers such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez with comedic looks at human foibles and misunderstandings a la Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream"

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"Marie Arana's sumptuous, often erotic and wholly enchanting novel, Cellophane…. owes a debt to the magical realism of Gabriel García Márquez and Isabel Allende…. A superb example of the magic that a gifted storyteller can work with ink and paper."

Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Arana’s writing is both lush and funny…. This is a great book."


"An absolutely spellbinding tale…. Arana's prose is captivating, and she provides some incredibly beguiling moments"

——Philadelphia City Paper

"Memorable fiction…. Arana brings a freshness to the style that is all her own, elegant and lyrical but at the same time sparse, and no doubt enriched by a vocabulary infused with the rhythms of her two languages."

The Miami Herald