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Critical Praise

"Highly original and entertaining....A wonderfully inventive take on the classic detective novel.."

——Joni Rendon, BookPage

"The mysteries are as satisfying as anything dreamed up by Raymond Chandler, but the beauty of the novel lies in its spot-on characterizations, pitch-perfect observations of contemporary culture, and a sharp, wisecracking narrative voice."

——Joanna Smith Rakoff, Time Out New York

"A moving novel about families and loss, wrapped up in a witty whodunit."


"Delightful...strange, funny, and absolutely right."

——Jennifer Reese, Entertainment Weekly

"A wonderfully tricky book....The lifelike characters are what make Case Histories such a compelling hybrid; part complex family drama, part mystery."."

——Janet Maslin, New York Times

"Great entertainment....Atkinson works magic....You cannot not turn the pages."

——Santa Cruz Sentinel

"As much a 'why-done-it' as a whodunit....Few crime novels can lay claim to the depth of character or empathy found in Case Histories."

——Robin Vidimos, Denver Post

"One of the most enjoyable books in a long time."

——Leslie McGill, Kansas City Star

"Each character is multilayered, and none gets short shrift. But just as gratifyingly, each case is a real mystery with twists, surprises, and intriguing resolutions."

——Vick Boughton, People

"Dark and funny....It's quite an amazing performance."

——Chicago Tribune

"Case Histories is so exuberant, so empathetic, that it makes most murder-mystery page-turners feel as lifeless as the corpses they're strewn with."

——Jacqueline Carey, New York Times Book Review

"Brilliant and engaging....The pleasures of this novel are many....Every character comes to life in surprising and deeply human ways."

——Timothy Peters, San Francisco Chronicle

"Addictive....If Lorrie Moore decided to write a genre-busting detective novel, it might resemble Case Histories."

——Laura Miller,

"Case Histories combines the suspense of a whodunit with the richly textured plot of a sprawling family saga. The result is top-notch literature - an unforgettable, unclassifiable read."

——Chicago Sun-Times