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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem: A Christmas Novella

1. Now that you have read BEAUTIFUL STAR OF BETHLEHEM, how do you hope to spend your final days on earth? Be silly, be serious.

2. A few have written Lori Copeland and said, “This book is too sad. I can’t read it.” Did you have a similar response? What chords did Arlene Santana strike with you?

3. After the accident, was Arlene’s life tragic? Explain why or why not and discuss why her life changed, but did not necessarily end after the accident. God never forgets us or our circumstances.

4. Most readers are parents themselves now (don’t forget our little dogs and kittens!). What do you most admire about Jack and Arlene’s two sons, Steven, Jack Jr. and their families? Are you similarly blessed with your immediate families? This might be a great time to minister to one another.

5. Una was a vital character in the book. When did you start to suspect that Arlene’s best friend did not exist? Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little?

6. Lori’s husband’s mother lived to be 98. She spent most of the last 10 years of her life in assisted living, so many of the stories Lori included in the book she actually witnessed. She grew more compassionate during those years. Share what you believe was Arlene’s greatest gift during her time in assisted living. Was there one? See if you can list five blessings she didn’t realize she had.

7. Discuss some of your funniest incidents in a nursing home. Remember, laughter is good for the soul! The patients often laugh with us!

8. Where are all the good stories about marriage? There are so many Jack and Arlene marriages still alive in this world.

9. The spirit of God and the spirit of the world: How often do we incorporate both in our lives? Lori admits that she was plagued with a whole lot of guilt when she finished this book. She could have done better with her loved ones. She could have done worse. How about you?

10. What was your most take-away whisper from the story?

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem: A Christmas Novella
by Lori Copeland