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Critical Praise

"A uniquely thoughtful meditation on the notion of happiness--where it comes from and how to know it once you've got it….Poignant, elegantly shaped, and deeply affecting."--- The Oregonian"O'Faolain is still that ferociously truth-telling woman…She has a tangy story-telling style, nurtured in a mordant Irish sense of irony and an Oxford-trained sleekness of thought. The most vivid of her recollections have the rush of elegant daydreaming…It is such unrepentant honesty--and her almost childlike determination to do better--that gives her book its strength."--- The New York Times Book Review"Disarmingly honest, painfully funny and sharply observant…Almost There is another letter from a wise friend."--- USA Today"Remarkable…O'Faolain has scarcely an equal today in probing the intricacies of relationships…A truly memorable work."--- Rocky Mountain News