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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

After the Wind: Tragedy on Everest --- One Survivor's Story

1. Before reading this book, how much did you know about climbing Everest? Were you familiar with the 1996 climb that resulted in this disaster?

2. While the author outlines many ways that he feels tragedy could have been averted, what do you think was the main reason that so many climbers continued on to the top after it was too late? At what point do you think it should have been called off?

3. What do you think the roles of both the expedition leaders and the climbers are on these kinds of adventures? Should both be held responsible for the outcome? How do ego, peer pressure and aspirational goals all come into play here?

4. Did the drawings and maps enhance the experience of reading the book?

5. This is a very personal story for Lou. How did you feel about him at the start of the book? Did your feelings change as you read?

6. After reading AFTER THE WIND, are you inspired to read more about Everest or this particular climb?

7. Do you have any desire to climb a mountain like this? What do you think draws people to aspire to such risky experiences? How would you feel about someone you know embarking on a climb like this?

After the Wind: Tragedy on Everest --- One Survivor's Story
by Lou Kasischke

  • Publication Date: October 20, 2015
  • Genres: Memoir, Nonfiction
  • Paperback: 328 pages
  • Publisher: Good Hart Publishing
  • ISBN-10: 1940877032
  • ISBN-13: 9781940877037