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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

Abducted: Pacific Coast Justice Series, Book 2

1. How do you respond during crisis situations? How does God’s supernatural peace affect crises in your life?

2. Nick begins distancing himself from Carly during his long recuperation. What do you think of his reasons for pulling away? How should he have handled their relationship?

3. Joe and Christy go through a terrible ordeal, wondering whether their son will ever be recovered. Has anything precious ever been taken from you? If you are able, share the circumstances, along with how you responded and what the outcome was.

4. Throughout the story, Carly struggles to interact with her roommate, Andi, especially when Andi lashes out in anger. What are some of the things Carly does well in her relationship with her roommate? What could she have done better? What lessons can you take away from their interactions and apply to relationships in your own life?

5. Think of a time you’ve felt distanced from someone you cared for. How did you respond to the situation? When is it right to let a relationship dwindle, and when is it appropriate to fight to maintain it?

6. What is your take on Alex’s pursuit of Carly? Did he conduct himself honorably? Did Carly respond appropriately to Alex?

7. At the end of chapter 10, Carly asks herself if she’d “somehow tied God and Nick together so getting one meant getting the other.” Do you think, at that point in the story, she believed her desire for Nick was part of God’s plan? Is there something in your life that you desire but that God might be telling you to let go of? What steps can you take to evaluate that desire in light of God’s will for you?

8. Andi lashes out against Carly’s newfound faith because, in her past, people who professed to follow Christ had deeply wounded her. Is there anyone in your life who has suffered similar hurts? What can believers do to love such wounded people and heal the damage?

9. Pastor Jonah Rawlings is devastated when he realizes his connection to the kidnapper and remembers their shared history. Were you surprised when you read about his secret? Why does Jonah feel so much guilt? How might you have reacted if you were facing a similar situation?

10. What did you think of Mary Ellen’s actions near the end of the story? What is motivating her? If you were a judge or jury member helping to determine her future, what kind of recommendation would you give? Would you follow the letter of the law or show some grace?

Abducted: Pacific Coast Justice Series, Book 2
by Janice Cantore