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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

A Promise to Protect: Logan Point Series, Book 2

1. Ben has panic attacks, but he hides this from everyone. Why do you think he didn’t want to admit this? Do you think he believed it made him appear weak? Have you ever experienced panic attacks?

2. His panic attacks were caused by the accidental death of a teenage boy while in his care. His friends kept telling him he needed to “get over it.” Have you ever experienced grief or guilt or depression and received the same advice? What advice would you give someone in this situation?

3. Do you think Leigh did the right thing in accepting Sheriff Tom Logan’s offer to release Tony from jail if she would walk away from Ben? Why do you think she took the offer?

4. After Leigh became pregnant with Ben’s child, she never told him about the pregnancy because he was marrying someone else. But after he didn’t get married, why do you think she still didn’t tell him about TJ? Do you agree with her reasoning?

5. Leigh was a Christian but rarely attended church, using the excuse that she was too busy. Why do you think she didn’t attend? Do you think the lie she lived made her uncomfortable in church? Have you ever felt conviction from God to change a lifestyle or right a wrong?

6. Ben didn’t believe God had forgiven him for the teenage boy’s death. Do you think it was because Ben hadn’t forgiven himself? Is it hard to forgive ourselves sometimes?

7. When Ben discovered the truth about TJ, he was angry with Leigh for not telling him. Could you forgive someone who kept a secret of this magnitude from you? Do you think forgiving Leigh helped him see that if he could forgive her, God could forgive him?

8. Leigh felt unwanted all her life and that she was not important. Do you think that contributed to her reasoning in not telling Ben the truth about TJ? Do you think she was afraid Ben would not want TJ?

9. Leigh had a choice: take the position at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore or stay in Logan Point. Do you agree with her decision? Why or why not.

A Promise to Protect: Logan Point Series, Book 2
by Patricia Bradley