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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

A Love Surrendered: Winds of Change, Book 3

1. A Love Surrendered is a story about restoring trust --- in ourselves, in our families, and in God. Annie Kennedy’s trust in God is broken when she loses both of her parents separately to sickness, making her feel as if God has let her down. Have you ever experienced a time when your trust in God was shaken by a tragedy or an unanswered request? And if so, has your trust been restored?

2. Steven O’Connor bears the heavy guilt of a wayward lifestyle in college that he believes almost stole his father’s life. Have you ever experienced a guilt so heavy that it changed your life and goals? Were you able to conquer it, and if so, how?

3. Because of her anger at God, Annie Kennedy is literally “looking for love in all the wrong places” with a wild crowd that her sister hung out with years prior. Have you ever been tempted by a situation or friends to go the way of the world rather than following God’s path for your life? If so, did you experience heartbreak or happiness?

4. Marcy and Patrick O’Connor have a marriage made in heaven based on a deep and abiding love and trust. But when Marcy’s deep-seated desire to adopt Gabe collides with Patrick’s decision not to, Marcy’s trust in her husband and God falters, compelling her to take things into her own hands. Have you ever taken things out of God’s hands and into your own because you didn’t trust Him? And if so, how did it turn out?

5. Because of his regret over past mistakes, Steven attempts morality without God’s help, but fails miserably. Have you ever attempted to “be good” in a situation without God’s help and if so, did you succeed or fail?

6. Luke and Katie encounter trust issues in their marriage when both refrain from telling the other about situations they know the other would not like. Have you ever kept secrets from your spouse or family for fear of how they would react? Did they ever find out, and if so, did it cause a problem? Given what you know from this experience, would you opt to tell them the truth upfront in the future?

7. Emma and Sean discover that a life devoted to God is no guarantee of an easy path, but it is a guarantee of God’s blessings when it comes to the desires of our heart, even if those “desires” are not met the way we think they should be. Has God ever met a desire of yours in a manner you didn’t expect?

8. Although raised in godly homes, Steven and his best friend Joe did not have a deep relationship with God. Why do you suppose that was?

9. Annie Kennedy idolized her older sister for all the wrong reasons. Have you ever idolized or wanted to emulate someone whose life seemed so good despite the absence of God? If so, did you ever come to a point in time where you observed their life to be empty without Him?

10. As the author of A Love Surrendered, I know firsthand --- like Annie and Steven by the end of the book --- that application of God’s precepts has brought me the love relationship with my husband that I have always longed for. Have you ever seen examples in your own life where applying God’s precepts has reaped immeasurable blessing?

A Love Surrendered: Winds of Change, Book 3
by Julie Lessman