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For your most recent book group discussion, which of the following did you do? (Check as many as apply.)

Survey expired 05/04/16
Total voters: 229


 79% (181 votes)We used a discussion guide.
 2% (5 votes)We had an author visit our group.
 3% (7 votes)We had an author call in or Skype with us.
 46% (106 votes)We researched background on the author.
 33% (75 votes)We used materials from the author's website.
 22% (51 votes)We researched the book's setting.
 26% (60 votes)We researched the book's historical context.
 11% (25 votes)We visited the publisher's website.
 9% (20 votes)None of the above
 11% (26 votes)Other...:
  • we are sharing a dvd of a movie mentioned in the book
  • Read a book by the Historical character in the book.
  • We made maps if they were important to the book.
  • BookClub web sites....Discussion guides from other sources...
  • Came up with my own qustions instead of using a discussion guide.
  • used a video interview in which the author discussed the book.
  • Member shared her mother's experience which related to the story.
  • Looked at readers' comments.
  • TED talk,magazine article by wife,internet searches of disease
  • We used questions from the Internet.
  • We won copies of the book from the publisher. We learned a lot!
  • developed are own questions
  • Brought tie-in books to meeting
  • Brought tie-in books to meeting and made a list of charaters on poster board
  • Heard author speak at local book store.
  • found historical news videos on line about the ship
  • Since the book dealt with a sociopath, we delved more deeply into characteristics associated wit
  • Looked at reviews
  • demonstrated triangulating radio waves
  • We watched a YouTube clip about the book.
  • We were selected to read Scottoline's new book, Most Wanted. Wish I'd researched sperm donation issues while reading the book.
  • Created our own questions
  • We compared it to the mpvie version
  • I lived in Sweden, so I was very familiar with the setting and events.
  • I lived in Sweden, so I was very familiar with the setting and events. We are also attending a review of the book.
  • For Clara and Mr. Tiffany, we visited the Morse Museum of American Arts , which has (almost exclusively) glass art by Tiffany.