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Is your group doing anything special for the holidays? (Check as many as apply.)

Survey expired 01/04/17
Total voters: 284


 20% (58 votes)Yes, we have holiday-themed meetings.
 16% (46 votes)Yes, we read holiday-themed books.
 29% (81 votes)Yes, we prepare special meals for our meetings.
 18% (50 votes)Yes, we exchange gifts.
 13% (37 votes)Yes, we do a charity-related project.
 3% (9 votes)Yes, we do a cookie exchange.
 19% (53 votes)Yes, we do a book swap.
 21% (59 votes)No, we meet as usual.
 9% (26 votes)No, we take a break from meeting during the holiday months.
 22% (63 votes)Other...:
  • replace regular meeting with Xmas dinner at a restaurant
  • We select our books for the coming year.
  • We have a Christmas party
  • We go out to a restaurant's private room for lunch!
  • luncheon where we choose next year's books
  • We celebrate in January with a special dinner as everyone is so busy during December
  • Have lunch at a local Bistro that is decorated w all sizes of Nutcrackers. food is good!
  • We nominate books to be voted on for the coming year's reading list.
  • We are going out to lunch very nearby our meeting place.
  • We don't read a book, but instead invite our husbands, significant others and have a holiday party/dinner.
  • Ornament exchange
  • We choose our books for the next year.
  • We meeet for dinner and then have a book swap, a book we have NOT discussed as a group.
  • But...You just gave me some great ideas!
  • Party at restaurant
  • We go to a restaurant and bring a gift which is numbered. We then pick a number and get that gift.
  • We go out to dinner and catch up on the previous 11 books
  • We have a challenge list of books. At the end of the following year, we award bookmarks to member who has read the most!
  • We have a January meeting at a restaurant to choose the coming year's books
  • We have a birthday party for Nov (10yrs old) and meet for lunch and discussion at a local winery each Dec.
  • We have a potpourri theme. Read what you want and share the book.
  • Those who wish to do so bring some goodies to share. We make coffee and tea and discuss a book that is "light/"
  • we choose the books to read for next year
  • We have a luncheon with six other book groups and a guest Author. We call it a holiday gathering.
  • Meet at a restaurant for dinner
  • We each bring a wrapped book we want to read for the next year and then have a gift exchange.
  • We have a Christmas brunch, select books for next year and have a book swap. My favorite holiday event!
  • We meet in a hotel lobby, discuss our book for, then go into the dinning room for dinner and a White Elephant Gift Exchange.
  • We go out to a fine restaurant for dinner and traveling gift exchange.
  • Eat at a restaurant
  • Eat at a restaurant
  • Yes, we go out to dinner instead of meeting and take a break from reading
  • Author Felicia Bridges who wrote CzechMate coming to our luncheon.
  • We go out to dinner at a nice restaurant and give a book to the person whose name we drew in November.
  • We have a holiday lunch at one of the local restaurants with holiday decorations..
  • We have an ornament exchange. The ornament represents one of the books we read in the past year. We have to guess which book i
  • Go out to eat dinner and do a pirates book exchange where the next person can take an already opened book or open a new one.
  • We have a Christmas party & pick our books for the coming year.
  • We go out for a special dinner and evening - sometimes to a dinner theater or dinner than a play
  • Meet at a restaurant for our Dec meeting
  • Dinner and a movie
  • We go out to dinner and we plan a weekend away to celebrate the last week in January
  • We will set up our 2017 reading list at our holiday meeting.
  • Eat dinner out
  • This year, we took a break from meeting in December
  • This year we are having a party with our spouses. In previous years, we discussed our favorite reads during the year at the Dec.
  • We meet for pizza and potluck, and watch a movie.
  • Going to a Bed & Breakfast and doing appetizers/wine. Exchange book gift.
  • We have a potluck supper and just enjoy conversation time
  • We always have a Christmas celebration dinner
  • went for lunch
  • We're having a book exchange at our Dec. meeting.
  • For the past 2 years, we have joined other clubs in town for lunch and to hear an author speak.
  • We get to choose our own title to read and share about that book: potpourri.
  • We meet for lunch, catch up socially, and talk about any of the books from the previous 11 months we still are thinking about!
  • We go out to dinner at a local restaurant
  • We go to a restaurant and read a lighter book like Alice in Wonderland
  • Potluck supper and book exchange
  • Bring in treats
  • The two groups I run at the library get together in December for an end-of-year potluck dinner party
  • We have free reading December and July
  • Each member brings a dessert
  • We don't read a book in December, but go out to eat someplace nice.